How to Cough up Tonsil Stones

How to Cough up Tonsil Stones

Is there something bothering you at the back of your throat all the time?  A kind of obstruction which makes it difficult for you to swallow your food at times?  Accompanying this is a foul smell coming from your mouth which you yourself find difficult to bear?  Since all these symptoms occur together, it can be safely assumed that the problem which is bothering you is that of tonsil stones.  Having diagnosed this, it is now easy to solve your problem. Simply follow the methods given under Natural Remedies, and you will safely and surely see an end to all the symptoms you are now experiencing.  In fact, one of the methods simply advises you to cough them up.

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Let us first discover what these tonsil stones really are, and then examine some of the methods of removing them.     Tonsil stones are actually made of dead and decayed matter – bacteria, viruses, etc, which are trapped by the tonsils when they try to enter the body through the mouth.  Being fully composed of dead matter, they produce a foul-smelling odour in the mouth.  Once they grow in size, they cover the tonsils, and then you can even see them in your throat as whitish stones.  These slightly larger stones tend to give you that uncomfortable feeling in the throat, which you can easily get rid of even by simply coughing – this is in fact one of the methods suggested under Natural Therapies.


When the tonsil stones are small, intense coughing may help to dislodge them.   So cough with all your might, and you will find the stones loosen from the tonsils.  These can be washed out by gargling. A similar process is to extend the head backward, place the tongue at the roof of the mouth and swallow.


Natural remedies also has very many other methods of getting rid of these stones, some of which are given below:


Adding 1 or 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract to an antiseptic mouthwash and gargling twice a day can be effective when tonsil stones are small. The effects of gargling may not be immediate but persistent gargling will remove them.


Larger stones can be removed by  probing with a cotton swab. Use a mirror to locate the stones.  Then, place the cotton swab under the back of the stone and gently push upward. Having removed the stone, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to cleanse the area where the stone was located.


There are other faster methods of removal under Natural Therapies as well.   All the methods are simple, safe and inexpensive, and can be done right in your own home.

Further details regarding these, would be available with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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